Monday, July 7, 2008

A Loving Tribute (click to enlarge)

Hello, scum-suckers! What we've got here is years of archived MS Paint drawings from one of Hot Food's most prolific pals, the undeniable Chris Wilson. THERE SHE BLOWS!
...portraits of our long lost buddy, Big K. One of my favorite people, and a man who's legend truly dwarfed in comparison to the twisted belligerency that is his true life story. I miss you, mang! Let's start off with a true classic. Big K blasting down the road in his Saturn.

A close up of Big K enjoying a meal at Burrito Loco.

The hardcore years.

I present to you here a drawing of our buddy taking a pretty sick dump, and apparently I am video taping it. You will see later in this post that Chris, for reasons that should be obvious thought that it would be funniest only to draw me wearing a "Holy Molar" t-shirt.
battling a hippo over a double cheeseburger...
half man, half pig, huge dump.
getting fired from his job at Ace Hardware...
reflecting upon evolution with his friend Chris Wilson while they spend a fun-filled day at the zoo.
The famed "Butt-Tongue"
the "Butt-Tongue" strikes back! and for the record, the girl depicted in that drawing has gone on to do much, much worse at life and love. c'est la vie.
In every kid's life, there is a summer of '04. This must have been the summer our ol' pal blew water out of his butthole every time we snuck into a hotel pool, and blew our minds as well.

the apple, and it's distance from the tree.
And here is me, about to engage in some sexual activity... a brief but fruitful period in the artwork of Chris Wilson.
This is not by Chris, it's a drawing of the drummer of Boston by Ryan Winke that I found in the same folder. Excellent work. A+

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Who is to blame for this? Guitar Hero is the most popular video game franchise in the country right now and the makers of the game have wisely decided to expand it by offering an entire game devoted to the songs of one band, and the band they chose to define this first stride in a new direction is FUCKING AEROSMITH? A band that had 2 albums with songs ranging from good to competant 30 years ago and have spent the rest of their lives since then devoted not only to destroying what legacy they could have been survived by, but completely obliterating it and burying it under dozens of horrible, unlistenable crap. Putting out an album like every 5 years and coming back trying to show everyone that they're still with it like they're your shitty aunt's boyfriend you see just as frequently at family reunions, except this time it's like "Hey, guys check it out, we're in a VIDEO GAME!" Big fucking deal. They were already in a video game, having been captured by terrorists or something and you've got to save them by shooting a ton of people and throwing aerosmith CD's at them. If you win, although you wasted a bunch of time, I guess you beat the game, if you lose, Aerosmith dies. It seems like an easy choice. And these diluted self-important nutsacks think any terrorist would consider using them as some sort of bargaining chip?! Get real.

In closing, I hate Aerosmith.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

kooky fun & diet cola (click to enlarge)

doodles (click to enlarge)

this wound has not yet healed, if you're reading this... i will still kill you.

a double drawing comemoration of my long lost buddy, Big K.
from my short-lived career as an ad exec for stroh's, complete with modern blame-shifting warning
oh yeah.

I spelled "their" wrong... so what? Also, it should be said that Hot Food indeed also hates the kids.