Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Burger King - BK Burger Shots

The annoying ads for these, what's up with that? I would not have been interested in these to begin with but the irritating commercials cemented my opinion into the negative. Annoying advertising has that affect on me, but that's another story for another time. I should not digress. Basically, even without being bugged by those dumb commercials I still wouldn't have wanted one of these things. They just seem stupid. I like Burger King as much as the next guy, possibly more. I sure as shit would rather eat some White Castle than Burger King, but hey... This is supposed to be a food review.

I heard some people talking about how good they were and read a messageboard discussion that was mostly praise as well, and I thought "Really?" It just seems weird to me that Burger King would want to have a knock off White Castle burger to begin with. Additionally, it seems weird that they think if anybody was in the mood for White Castle, that they'd go to Burger King and get a completely different tasting burger that is roughly the same size. It is not the same. And weirder still, that if you were in the mood for a burger from Burger King, why you'd choose to get a tiny burger when you could get a normal one for probably about the same price.

So I ordered 'em. They come in two's and they're stuck together. I went for the cheeseburger. It tastes like a Burger King cheeseburger. Exactly like a Burger King cheeseburger. Only it is not at all satisfying and it just makes you with you had gone to White Castle instead.

Not bad, but I don't get why I would want this when I could get a normal burger.

Some people think White Castle is disgusting (and seriously, fuck you.) so I guess this is who would be buying these? But if you didn't like White Castle, why would you want something like this? And if you do like White Castle, why are you getting this Burger King cock tease version of a delicious White Castle Slider?

More Flyers!

Here's some more flyers I've drawn. This first one's from a few years ago. I drew it while I was supposed to be working at this bullshit hippie store that's right next to The Alley. I got paid to do this. I did very little else while I worked there. Maybe I will post some of the other drawings if I find them.

And this, ladies and gentlemen... Is my favorite Catburglars flyer ever. I drew this one a few years ago also. I drew it on the Metra train on the way to visit my parents. This was a pretty great show, to boot. ALL HAIL GHOST PIG!

Kelly Clarkson, Vitamin Water, Dysentary

I'm on my break at work, eating an overpriced slice of pizza at L'appetito, and I got this Vitamin Water to drink. You know how they have those dumb things on the side that are supposed to be funny or something? Read what this one says.

Okay, so... Kelly Clarkson's voice is... like the food at a diner? What is this saying?

"Kelly Clarkson's voice really reminds me of the way the food at Denny's tastes."

"Every time I listen to Kelly Clarkson sing, I get violent diarrhea."

"Kelly Clarkson is very cheap and totally nauseating."

...and so on, these write themselves. What's up with this?

Mark Gormley

Meet Mark Gormley, a singer/songwriter from Pensacola, Florida (AKA The Armpit of The Country) whose songs have been making the rounds on Youtube lately. With the help of Phil Thomas Katt (what?) and his cable access show, The Uncharted Zone, he has been able to create a series of INTENSE music videos for his tunes. Here is the clip for my favorite Gormley track, "Without You". Believe it or not, this dude's not joking.

Artwork by Ben Lyon & Matt Bremer

Matt and Ben are two of the folks who's work can be seen in HOT FOOD #2, they gave me a few other things in addition to what I included in there, and here it is! First one up's by Ben:

And this confusing little doodle here is by Matt Bremer:


Monday, March 30, 2009

more crap

I've always said that the sexiest look a man can bestow for his lady is wearing nothing but an old white t-shirt and a pair of socks. This ugly fella may be liberated, but he's taken things a step too far.
I've been eating too much cheese lately and it's making my poop weird.
Here's a small little update in the life and times of Luca. I took from the Mike Conway style of comix and progressively made Luca hairier and fatter which each glance, while Luca has taken that and related it to his own life. I blew it by not adding any of his sick tats.
My roommate Ryan drew this and the next one. Sometimes I tell him to draw something for me because he's better at drawing than I am and I know it'll be funnier. Usually he tells me to piss off, but he shot this one out in a matter of minutes. When he was done we both agreed that it oddly looks like Luca.
Ryan and I went to a few gallery openings last Friday night. We actually saw some decent work for a change (a rarity these days since the west loop is slowly turning into squaresville), but there's still plenty to complain about. I'm so sick and tired of going to an show and not only do they run out of free booze IMMEDIATELY but the crowd of dorkus malorkus 20 somethings dressed in their finest "VICE DO's" outfits are slowly driving me to kill. Please move to Brooklyn. You'll like it better there, I swear. Anyway, Ryan fantasied about beating this particular nerd to a pulp. I couldn't blame him. I also appreciate how oaf-like Ryan drew me.

Some Color Drawings

Hey everybody, how was your weekend? Mine was great. Lotta drinkin' and drawin' so I'll get to uploading that stuff soon. In the meantime, here's some drawings I did sometime last year.

This one's got a guy who was easy to draw but i probably would not get along with (white pants, really?) and he's eating all my favorite foods, so that would probably piss me off too. But I don't hate him, this is my fantasy.

I bought a cheap set of watercolors and this was the drawing I did to learn how to use them. As you can see, I didn't learn very much. But that is my favorite line from Boston's first album.

Friday, March 27, 2009


This was my favorite book when i was a baby but i'm not certain it would be prudent for me to pay $10.00 to see this movie without the company of a child. i do NOT want to be lumped in with the other 20-somethings who are wearing thundercats and teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirts loudly discussing stupid 80's pop culture crap so that everyone around them knows how much they remember. I do not want to perpetuate the stereotype that my generation is rabidly horny for nostalgia, I fucking hate the 80's.

however, Spike Jonze is just about the perfect guy to direct this movie. Michel Gondry would probably have been the best choice but that wimp is french so who gives a shit. This movie also seems like it has a pretty solid cast, Cathrine Keener is hot. I feel like once women typically get to a certain age, a person typically backhands that compliment by adding "for their age" to the end of it, and I feel like that is not necessary when discussing Catherine Keeners hotness, so kudos on that Catherine!

Now, weirdo dorks who obsess about their childhoods and would still care about a movie made out of this book after growing from an infant to a full grown adult are the type of people who would be into Spike Jonze directing this movie (and, I'm with you there.) But, it's also true that these are the type of buttholes who would think it was TOTALLY AWESOME that they gave Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's the responsibility of scoring the thing. Really? Really? C'mon guys.... I'll probably see this movie, though.

-Mike Popinski

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drawing On Newspapers

You wanna send me some newspapers you drew on? feel free!

<3 Mike Popinski

Tales From The Couch #3

Your boss sucks.

The sequel to the original BATTLE HOGG, a movie I haven't seen even though I made up the franchise. "The Pigening" is not supposed to be a play on the word "beginning" but it's supposed to be like, he is saying "fuck you" to God and creating a word in his own image, that of a pig. Perhaps BATTLE HOGG III: PIG vs. GOD will be next?

this was kind of a waste of a page, i'm not gonna lie. but i did always hear my neighbors having sex, another story for another time.

sometimes when you're smoking the peace pipe you think things are hilarious and write them down, then when you see them again... you're like "that's funny... but what was i thinking about?"


A duck and a baby get down to some gripin'

The Most Disturbing Thing On The Internet

The Internet is obviously the worlds biggest resource of the disgusting, depraved and disturbing. "Two Girls, One Cup", for example, was a world wide sensation; a bizarre shock video that somehow broke into the mainstream. "Goatse" and "Lemonparty" were also pretty big hits, albeit on a slightly smaller level. Does anyone remember the long forgotten www.chicagostreetracing.com? Well, I do. It was a picture of a black guy with a two-foot-long dick.

And think, these fucked-up, gag-inducing websites are the ones that you CAN'T get arrested for visiting.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I will now introduce to you my new favorite Internet weirdo. His name is Todd "Sodahead" Deitchman (according to his Myspace page, he also goes by the alias "T-Money"), and he's a 19-year-old New Jersey resident with a very special gift.

He's posted three videos thus far, and Let's start with his first. It's titled "chugging soda" (sic), but I'd call it "Meet Sodahead". Enjoy:

For Sodahead's next stunt, he takes down an entire bottle of Snapple Iced Tea while getting pumped up by the intense, motivational sounds of Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger". Once again, enjoy:

On St. Patrick's Day, this charming Michael Phelps look-a-like gets more festive. He decided to drink some GREEN soda. The larger quantity of soda should be noted, which would explain the painfully awkward struggle Sodahead goes through trying to drink the entire bottle. I know it's going to be hard, but you really need to watch this entire video. The occurrence at the 1:37 mark is the type of thing that will haunt your dreams for days. Here we go:


Just in case you were wondering, according to his Myspace pictures, soda isn't the only thing T-Money chugs:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Couch Drawings

Straight from my old couch to you, except with a slight 3 year delay... More Couch Drawings!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The great RED DOG debate

I am in no way, shape, or form a "beer snob". I'd much prefer a Coor's Light to a Delirium Tremans any day. But there are a few drinks in the realm of "cheap beer" that still make me scratch my head. One of them is Red Dog. I don't really understand why anyone would be compelled to drink it. I actually didn't realize it was still in production until a few months ago. The other morning, after a night of heavy Red Dog consumption, Nick showed me a Red Dog bottle cap, which displays the an image of our canine friend pictured above, and told me that if you flip it upside down, it looks like a picture of "Batman going down on some chick". Take a look:

Obviously a bit of a stretch. That would be an understatement. It was a massive stretch. So I used my amazing Photoshop skills (which are actually really sub par MS Paint skills) to make this illusion easier to see. In the following image, I've removed the parts of the dog's head that didn't add to the act of cunnilingus, to make the idea a bit clearer:

I, personally, am not quite sold on this idea. In the following image, I've added some shading to make it look a little bit more like The Dark Knight himself. This time around, I'm starting to buy it:

One layer of shading should do the trick...a few more colors to make the picture more vibrant...more life-like....you know what...look at that. NICK, YOU WERE TOTALLY RIGHT! An upside-down Red Dog logo DOES look like Batman going down on a chick!!!

A Comic From HOT FOOD #1

Here's a page from HOT FOOD #1 for ya! I fuckin' love Cap'n Crunch, you gotta problem with that? Also, that is exactly what the Catburglars do at band practice.

-Mike Popinski

Monday, March 23, 2009

stuff from the fridge

I found this picture at the site of the new Logan Square skate park about a week ago. What kind of  a shit head draws something like this? Amateur graffiti artists, pubescent mutants, and go-tards of all ages seem to be the locals, so I'm putting my money on the pimple faced teens. The park isn't done yet, but I've gone to check out its progress twice now and something had already been destroyed on both occasions. Good work kids. From what I can tell the park is going to suck anyway, so fuck it.
Now this is what I'm talking about! I moved in with my friend Ryan at the beginning of the month and we both started tacking up crappy little drawings all over the fridge. This was one of the first things he put up. We can all pretty much agree that 99% of pigs suck, so what's better than seeing two of them off each other IN THE FACE! It kind of reminds me of a Rob Syers drawing with how loose and delightful it is.
Yet another great sketch from Ryan. I sure hope he doesn't mind me posting all these tidbits on the blog. I can't remember if I asked him if it was cool or not. If it's not, sorry dude. It won't happen again. Anyway, it's definitely Jimi Hendrix's head on what appears to be Mickey Mouse's body. Lately Ryan has been incorporating a lot of weed imagery into his stuff, which I'm fully backing, especially because he thinks weed is kind of lame. Side note: We've always heard that drugs are a lot more potent today than they were 30 years ago or whatever, so I've always wondered if I smoked the same grass as Jimi if it would even get me high or if I'd think he was kind of a pussy for having shitty grass. Further more, if you gave him a bag of the finest now do you think it'd totally blow his mind? Who knows. It's just another mystery of the universe we'll never know.
I drew this last night cause I hadn't eaten any bacon in a while and it sounded pretty good at the time. It looks pretty crummy and half assed because it is.
So lastly, I found this old Playboy Special Editions that my former roommate left behind, which he probably didn't even realized he owned. It's called Bathing Beauties (1992) and it's really dated. It's one of the only things I leave out for guests to flip through not only for the pictures, but the mind numbing captions. Here's an example: A spectacular smile and big bright eyes are irresistible of Amber. Signs of a recent sunbathing session are unmistakable. Then the picture features a woman bent over a chair, her bikini top pulled to the side exposing a glance of side boob, while her bottoms are completely MIA revealing a thong tan line. It's pretty unbelievable that this was considered sexy enough to schmead it to. I started tracing one of the women, but at the last minute decided to give her a really jacked up face. I wonder what she's doing now, almost 20 years later? Hopefully nothing.


This was supposed to be a review of the VEE DEE record release show. But I missed THE KRUNCHIES all together and honestly wasn't watching bands for the most part anyway so instead I'll review the movie I watched on demand last night.

Zach & Miri Make A Porno

This movie is fucking terrible.

1st things first

I'm glad Nick finally got around to posting something, even if it was just a receipt from reckless.

Also, You can check out KAMIKAZE EYES live set from the same show Luca posted those videos from on the same site:

kamikaze eyes at ronnys (chicago) march 6th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

Also, the band PUKING PEARLS who I like, but I gotta admit I wasn't watching. They were apparently pretty upset because they were "awful". I doubt it, but let's find out.

puking pearls at ronnys (chicago) march 6th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

In other news, this is something I have been thinking about quite a bit recently. I am currently a guy in a band who also does cartoons. I am currently 27 years old. If you're in a band. That is the year that you die. That is why I have decided to become a cartoonist who is also in a band. Because I would rather not die this year and cartoonists live for fucking ever.

Hot Food music contest


Shameless self-promotion here, but you, faithful readers should check out this AWESOME video of me and Mike's AWESOME band playing an AWESOME show at Ronny's a couple of weeks ago:

the catburglars at ronnys (chicago) march 6th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

Also, I find the need to include a video of a band we played with that night, THE POINTS from Washington D.C.

the points at ronnys (chicago) march 6th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

As you can see, they were phenomenal. Good guys too. They went to high school with Danny McBride (that "Eastbound and Down" dude) which is really cool. Their singer looks a lot like Buddy Bradley and I love Travis' four on the floor stop through every song. Check them out at THEIR MYSPACE PAGE.

Enjoy, you savages.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Couch Drawings

In the first issue of HOT FOOD, I included some pags of Matt Bremer and Chris Wilson's artwork that they drew in 2006(?) while we sat on our couch eating junk food, watching T.V., and dropping out of life. I also have some drawings from this time and I'm going to upload them here.

yep, there ya go.

the chicago hardcore messageboard is pretty boring.

a guy with Matt Bremer's bong for a head, crazy I know! I like how his voice bubble is smoke. Of course a bong and a wizard are friends. Cool Leather jacket too, for a guy with a pipe head.

I thought it was understood that a lot of times when you go to the beach drunk people will build sand castle dicks and boobs and stuff late at night, but nobody knew what I was talking about! Maybe you guys were just going to the wrong beaches. But when my family wanted to get up all early to go out and see all the sand dollars that washed up on the shore, I was instead looking for naughty sandcastles.

-Mike Popinski

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So sometimes people are like "Dude that's a good flyer!" and I'm like "Thanks!" so even though I didn't draw these ones I figured I'd post 'em anyway, since that also means that I can put off scanning more for a little bit.

click to see 'em up close!

With retard-level photoshopping skills like this... I am wondering why so many people tell me that they like the flyers that I make. This isn't the laziest flyer I've ever made but it's in the top 5.

More sleazy boobage. Nigel hates this flyer cuz it's got a jock on it I bet.

Another lazy flyer, whoopdie doo, 3 for 3! No boobs on this one but it's okay. I think it took me a long time to spell our band name out in the CRIME letters. Looks pretty shitty!

An army guy getting mauled by a ton of hot and bothered chicks, now THIS is a flyer! I wanted to make a "logo" for the catburglars and put it everywhere and everyone would be like "i know what that is!" but then it was only on this flyer and our 2nd e.p. I wanted it to be cool like Rocket From The Crypt or something. I forgot to make it look cool though, oh well... c'est la vie! This flyer looks really good and I made it in like 3 seconds.

This was the first show I ever set up! My friend Liz's band, LIBYANS came from Boston, man did this show SUCK. I felt so bad for them and a little embarassed that I did such a shitty job! Oh well, that's punk for ya I guess. Actually, this show was really fun.

Nigel Rowdy Jackson directed me to make this flyer. He wanted one with Hitler on it and the caption at the bottom. I ripped his body, the record player, and the musical notes from google image search and literally every other part of the flyer from an issue of CRAPHOUND.

SHOOT IT UP didn't shit on anybody or anything wacky at this show, but a guy pulled his dick out and put it in my face while we were playing.

I love PISSED JEANS, man! I sure spent a lot of time on this flyer. I ripped off most of those chicks and some of that food from a painter named MEL RAMOS. You can see all of them and more HERE.

This flyer is pretty good! Great lineup for a show too, even though HOMOSTUPIDS were a bit underwhelming. Gotta catch 'em on the right day I guess. I don't feel slighted though, that band rules.

A great day at Lucky Gator Loft! I wanna say that was the 2nd to last BUSY SIGNALS show in the states. CHEAP TIME were good, WAX MUSEUMS were great, we were... there.


Mike Popinski