Monday, October 13, 2008


THE STOOGES - 10/6/73

This is a recording from the final STOOGES tour, it shows the band a few months before the recordings that make up the METALLIC K.O./2xK.O. record(s)

THE ACCUSED - Netherlands 11/26/88

ARTIFICIAL PEACE - D.C. Wilson Centre 9/21/81

BAD BRAINS - Whiskey A Go-Go 3/25/82

BATTALION OF SAINTS - Bob's Place 6/11/82


BLACK FLAG - North Park Lion's Club 1981

BLACK SABBATH - California Jam 6/4/74

CIRCLE JERKS - D.C. 930 Club 6/11/81

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - D.C. Wilson Centre 5/1/85


CRO-MAGS - CA Ruthie's Inn 1986

CRO-MAGS - CBGB'S 7/5/86

D.R.I. - Dominick's Norfolk, VA 8/23/84

D.R.I. - N.Y. Ritz 6/27/87

DAG NASTY - Brighton Bar (year unknown)

DEAD KENNEDYS - Portland 11/19/79

DISCHARGE - Lepakko 4/25/83

Exodus - 1982 (w/ Kirk Hammet)

Elvis Costello - D.C. 1979

FUGAZI - D.C. Wilson Centre (alleged first show)

GORILLA BISCUITS - D.C. Safari Club 1989

HIRAX - 12/31/84

MINOR THREAT - D.C. Space 10/19/80 (second show)

MISFITS - Whiskey A Go-Go 1982

MOTORHEAD - Birmingham 1977


RAMONES - N.Y.C. 1976


SAMHAIN - 85/86?

SICK OF IT ALL - 3/22/87

SLAYER - Birmingham 4/19/87

VOID - D.C. 930 Club 2/13/83

YDL - CBGB's 1987

YOUTH OF TODAY - Toronto 8/15/86



MEGADETH rules. Dave Mustaine is a total pussy but I do not hold that against him, that's totally his problem. That dude has burned so many bridges that the legacy of Megadeth will eternally suffer... But we know better right? MEGADETH is great and this show boasts a lineup still featuring KERRY MOTHERFUCKING KING. This is their first show ever, taking place in Berkeley, CA in 1984!

Kerry King playing with the 'Deth

Friday, October 10, 2008

Show Review 10/6 @ Empty Bottle: CHINESE STARS

More than a few years ago, I saw the band ARAB ON RADAR on not one, but two separate occasions. I liked them enough to buy their t-shirt! (and for wearing that shirt, i was called out for supporting racism by a crust punk at Tony Pointless' house. No joke.) Anyway, I have probably worn that shirt inside out a lot of times since the last time I listened to them and I've never heard a whole Chinese Stars album but Luca Ferrari likes them a lot. They sound to me like I remember Arab on Radar sounding but instead of weird or in any way interesting drum beats, it's only one disco sounding drum beat the entire time. The singer still pretends to be retarded, I have to say I do not care for this music very much.

But a free Monday show at the Empty Bottle doesn't have to offer much to get me to come out as long as I know people there, and the same people invited me out to the last free Monday at that same bar where Chicago's own COUGARS were playing. I couldn't tell the difference between the two bands really except that the singer of Cougars looks like Matthew McConaughey, people told me this band sounded like ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT before they sounded like Chinese Stars, I kinda doubt it. Although literally anything would sound better than the 3rd wave ska circus music those guys used to make... but I digress....

I didn't make it to the end of the Chinese Stars set, I ran out of money and walked home. Before they played some other annoying band played who's name I never got. I arrived during their set and boy did they suck. The singer of this band was wearing a red glittery unitard and a head dress with feathers in it and a lot of glittery make up, but everyone else was just wearing normal clothes. I imagine the rest of the band secretly wondering amongst themselves when the singer would get the hint they didn't want to dress up anymore. It turns out the singer was a girl, I thought it was a guy the whole time, I guess that makes sense.

If this show was a high school kid and I were his principal, I would quit my job.