Wednesday, June 25, 2008


it would take almost as long for me to list all the things that have come between me and finishing the 2nd issue of HOT FOOD, luckily for you (assuming you read and enjoyed the first one) lack of material is not a problem. Time is the biggest problem, not having enough of it, specifically. I work a shit job that I hate, I have had a lot of other drawings to do with a much more pressing deadline, and I've just moved to a new place... detractors to my publication will be delighted to know that there is plenty of pages in the new issue spiced with more doodles to get your undies in a twist.

there is no planned time of release just yet but you can be assured I will be updating this blog with some regularity, including the entire first issue(!), flyers for shows i have made, probably including many that never even happened, countless other doodles, probably a sneak peek into issue #2 and depending on how many hits this page gets, maybe even it's own strip.

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