Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Upsetting Shit on The Internet

A few posts back, I talked about how the Internet will never run out of terrible things for the average American to be disgusted with. Today's example is prime. This is a blogger, known only as "The Dead Baby". All the information he gives about himself is a short bio, which reads, um, "you gotta let a ho be a ho" (sic).

What makes The Dead Baby so unique? The Dead Baby has a fascination with pissing on perfectly good rolls of toilet paper in public bathrooms. Check out the depravity at his blog. Click on the emoticon dick to get there: *~~~~~~~<=======8

I feel like this is the kind of guy your parents warn you about when you reach the age where you start to realize what a sexual predator is. What may be even more unsettling are the comments people leave. They range from anywhere between a "LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, MAN" all the way to far more disapproving statements, like this little gem that I handpicked and am posting here verbatim, "I know not even a nigger would waste his time wetting toilet rolls."

Well folks, enjoy the rest of your day feeling extreme disappointment with humanity.


Gantry said...

Someone always did this in college, they soaked the ENTIRE range of stalls. Never figured out who it was, but nothing worse than finding out after you've already released the hounds.

lbnass said...


sara said...

ben phillips acutally did this to my bathroom in dekalb. twice, in one night. he was transitioning then.