Thursday, June 18, 2009

E.T.A. - No Faith

Yo, I'm splitting for Bardstown, KY in the morning but I thought I'd leave the lurkers of the HOT FOOD blog with something to chew on while I was gone. E.T.A. is a pretty dumb name any way you slice it (it doesn't stand for estimated time of arrival, it stands for epileptic terror attack.) But hey, three words shortened down to initials, it don't get too much more 80's punk than that.

This band is from Sweden and went on to become the currently popular band REGULATIONS, with some skinny guy playing bass instead of D.S.-13's "138". Honestly, I like this band a lot more. E.T.A. was a fantastic emulation of early 80's hardcore punk, particularly California type stuff. I like the Regulations too but they always seemed to me to be a lazier-paced version of E.T.A. with the core edge dulled to appeal to "garage punk" types, but they don't really make up for what they leave behind, in my humble opinion. Might sound like I don't care much for the 'Regs but I do. I just think E.T.A. was a really underrated band and that is why I am choosing to champion this out of print LP on my blog. I spent 2 weeks on a tour with this band in like 2002 or something and seeing 'em play every night was a real treat but I'm not about to get started talking about that right now, basically in a shitty era (the 2000's) for shitty music (hardcore punk) this was a great and unfortunately underappreciated gem.

Somehow, this was the largest image i could find of the album cover. (insert sad trombone noise here)

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