Saturday, March 21, 2009

Couch Drawings

In the first issue of HOT FOOD, I included some pags of Matt Bremer and Chris Wilson's artwork that they drew in 2006(?) while we sat on our couch eating junk food, watching T.V., and dropping out of life. I also have some drawings from this time and I'm going to upload them here.

yep, there ya go.

the chicago hardcore messageboard is pretty boring.

a guy with Matt Bremer's bong for a head, crazy I know! I like how his voice bubble is smoke. Of course a bong and a wizard are friends. Cool Leather jacket too, for a guy with a pipe head.

I thought it was understood that a lot of times when you go to the beach drunk people will build sand castle dicks and boobs and stuff late at night, but nobody knew what I was talking about! Maybe you guys were just going to the wrong beaches. But when my family wanted to get up all early to go out and see all the sand dollars that washed up on the shore, I was instead looking for naughty sandcastles.

-Mike Popinski

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