Monday, March 30, 2009

more crap

I've always said that the sexiest look a man can bestow for his lady is wearing nothing but an old white t-shirt and a pair of socks. This ugly fella may be liberated, but he's taken things a step too far.
I've been eating too much cheese lately and it's making my poop weird.
Here's a small little update in the life and times of Luca. I took from the Mike Conway style of comix and progressively made Luca hairier and fatter which each glance, while Luca has taken that and related it to his own life. I blew it by not adding any of his sick tats.
My roommate Ryan drew this and the next one. Sometimes I tell him to draw something for me because he's better at drawing than I am and I know it'll be funnier. Usually he tells me to piss off, but he shot this one out in a matter of minutes. When he was done we both agreed that it oddly looks like Luca.
Ryan and I went to a few gallery openings last Friday night. We actually saw some decent work for a change (a rarity these days since the west loop is slowly turning into squaresville), but there's still plenty to complain about. I'm so sick and tired of going to an show and not only do they run out of free booze IMMEDIATELY but the crowd of dorkus malorkus 20 somethings dressed in their finest "VICE DO's" outfits are slowly driving me to kill. Please move to Brooklyn. You'll like it better there, I swear. Anyway, Ryan fantasied about beating this particular nerd to a pulp. I couldn't blame him. I also appreciate how oaf-like Ryan drew me.