Monday, March 23, 2009

stuff from the fridge

I found this picture at the site of the new Logan Square skate park about a week ago. What kind of  a shit head draws something like this? Amateur graffiti artists, pubescent mutants, and go-tards of all ages seem to be the locals, so I'm putting my money on the pimple faced teens. The park isn't done yet, but I've gone to check out its progress twice now and something had already been destroyed on both occasions. Good work kids. From what I can tell the park is going to suck anyway, so fuck it.
Now this is what I'm talking about! I moved in with my friend Ryan at the beginning of the month and we both started tacking up crappy little drawings all over the fridge. This was one of the first things he put up. We can all pretty much agree that 99% of pigs suck, so what's better than seeing two of them off each other IN THE FACE! It kind of reminds me of a Rob Syers drawing with how loose and delightful it is.
Yet another great sketch from Ryan. I sure hope he doesn't mind me posting all these tidbits on the blog. I can't remember if I asked him if it was cool or not. If it's not, sorry dude. It won't happen again. Anyway, it's definitely Jimi Hendrix's head on what appears to be Mickey Mouse's body. Lately Ryan has been incorporating a lot of weed imagery into his stuff, which I'm fully backing, especially because he thinks weed is kind of lame. Side note: We've always heard that drugs are a lot more potent today than they were 30 years ago or whatever, so I've always wondered if I smoked the same grass as Jimi if it would even get me high or if I'd think he was kind of a pussy for having shitty grass. Further more, if you gave him a bag of the finest now do you think it'd totally blow his mind? Who knows. It's just another mystery of the universe we'll never know.
I drew this last night cause I hadn't eaten any bacon in a while and it sounded pretty good at the time. It looks pretty crummy and half assed because it is.
So lastly, I found this old Playboy Special Editions that my former roommate left behind, which he probably didn't even realized he owned. It's called Bathing Beauties (1992) and it's really dated. It's one of the only things I leave out for guests to flip through not only for the pictures, but the mind numbing captions. Here's an example: A spectacular smile and big bright eyes are irresistible of Amber. Signs of a recent sunbathing session are unmistakable. Then the picture features a woman bent over a chair, her bikini top pulled to the side exposing a glance of side boob, while her bottoms are completely MIA revealing a thong tan line. It's pretty unbelievable that this was considered sexy enough to schmead it to. I started tracing one of the women, but at the last minute decided to give her a really jacked up face. I wonder what she's doing now, almost 20 years later? Hopefully nothing.

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