Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hey fruitcakes! Got the day off today and I thought I'd scan some of my shit to post here starting with some show flyers I've made. I'm posting the ones I've already scanned first in case I find something actually fun to do and give up. Click on 'em to see the full size, tardo.

I am quite proud of this flyer. Quite proud indeed. Plus it got me and Nigel Rowdy Jackson into the show for free so that's not bad either! Even though every band except the Meatmen sucked.

The flyer for what was SUPPOSED to be the release party for HOT FOOD #1 except for two things. 1.) I wasn't there, I was out of town at a wedding I barely got drunk at. 2.) I never printed the zines beforehand. I drew this flyer at work. No offense to skinheads or heshers.

Meg's favorite thing I have ever drawn. This was the actual release party, it was a pretty good time.

We celebrated Valentine's Day a day late last year. According to Darius and a few other witnesses, one of the two young ladies in the band BARREN were displeased with the "graphic depiction" on this flyer. Why is anybody's guess. Who cares. I asked them about it and they wouldn't own up to it. Chronic Seizure covered Bikini Kill at this show.

This dork I used to work with named Steve (I think?) became a bartender at Cobra Lounge. He talked some shit about us at this show and I told him to fuck off before we left, boo hoo :( :( :( :(

Remember when this sort of hot nutcase was a pussy hair away from running this country?

I fucking hate Mike Love. Nobody I work with "got" this flyer, a lot of them are in bands too. What kind of bands don't know about the Beach Boys? REALLY shitty ones. You can see how lazy I was only drawing their heads. Sorry about that. There are a very limited number of giant posters of this. If you want one let me know.

-Mike Popinski

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