Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Most Disturbing Thing On The Internet

The Internet is obviously the worlds biggest resource of the disgusting, depraved and disturbing. "Two Girls, One Cup", for example, was a world wide sensation; a bizarre shock video that somehow broke into the mainstream. "Goatse" and "Lemonparty" were also pretty big hits, albeit on a slightly smaller level. Does anyone remember the long forgotten Well, I do. It was a picture of a black guy with a two-foot-long dick.

And think, these fucked-up, gag-inducing websites are the ones that you CAN'T get arrested for visiting.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I will now introduce to you my new favorite Internet weirdo. His name is Todd "Sodahead" Deitchman (according to his Myspace page, he also goes by the alias "T-Money"), and he's a 19-year-old New Jersey resident with a very special gift.

He's posted three videos thus far, and Let's start with his first. It's titled "chugging soda" (sic), but I'd call it "Meet Sodahead". Enjoy:

For Sodahead's next stunt, he takes down an entire bottle of Snapple Iced Tea while getting pumped up by the intense, motivational sounds of Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger". Once again, enjoy:

On St. Patrick's Day, this charming Michael Phelps look-a-like gets more festive. He decided to drink some GREEN soda. The larger quantity of soda should be noted, which would explain the painfully awkward struggle Sodahead goes through trying to drink the entire bottle. I know it's going to be hard, but you really need to watch this entire video. The occurrence at the 1:37 mark is the type of thing that will haunt your dreams for days. Here we go:


Just in case you were wondering, according to his Myspace pictures, soda isn't the only thing T-Money chugs:


matt said...

Peoples reactions are always the same 'WHAT JUST CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH?!?!'

Janell Francois said...

I cant stop watching 1:37, YAY-yeah! I asked him to please post more videos. Nice blog.