Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kelly Clarkson, Vitamin Water, Dysentary

I'm on my break at work, eating an overpriced slice of pizza at L'appetito, and I got this Vitamin Water to drink. You know how they have those dumb things on the side that are supposed to be funny or something? Read what this one says.

Okay, so... Kelly Clarkson's voice is... like the food at a diner? What is this saying?

"Kelly Clarkson's voice really reminds me of the way the food at Denny's tastes."

"Every time I listen to Kelly Clarkson sing, I get violent diarrhea."

"Kelly Clarkson is very cheap and totally nauseating."

...and so on, these write themselves. What's up with this?

1 comment:

Gantry said...

Worst part is that you probably contributed 25 cents to Kelly Clarkson for buying that Vitamin Water. You'll have that on your conscience forever.