Thursday, March 19, 2009


So sometimes people are like "Dude that's a good flyer!" and I'm like "Thanks!" so even though I didn't draw these ones I figured I'd post 'em anyway, since that also means that I can put off scanning more for a little bit.

click to see 'em up close!

With retard-level photoshopping skills like this... I am wondering why so many people tell me that they like the flyers that I make. This isn't the laziest flyer I've ever made but it's in the top 5.

More sleazy boobage. Nigel hates this flyer cuz it's got a jock on it I bet.

Another lazy flyer, whoopdie doo, 3 for 3! No boobs on this one but it's okay. I think it took me a long time to spell our band name out in the CRIME letters. Looks pretty shitty!

An army guy getting mauled by a ton of hot and bothered chicks, now THIS is a flyer! I wanted to make a "logo" for the catburglars and put it everywhere and everyone would be like "i know what that is!" but then it was only on this flyer and our 2nd e.p. I wanted it to be cool like Rocket From The Crypt or something. I forgot to make it look cool though, oh well... c'est la vie! This flyer looks really good and I made it in like 3 seconds.

This was the first show I ever set up! My friend Liz's band, LIBYANS came from Boston, man did this show SUCK. I felt so bad for them and a little embarassed that I did such a shitty job! Oh well, that's punk for ya I guess. Actually, this show was really fun.

Nigel Rowdy Jackson directed me to make this flyer. He wanted one with Hitler on it and the caption at the bottom. I ripped his body, the record player, and the musical notes from google image search and literally every other part of the flyer from an issue of CRAPHOUND.

SHOOT IT UP didn't shit on anybody or anything wacky at this show, but a guy pulled his dick out and put it in my face while we were playing.

I love PISSED JEANS, man! I sure spent a lot of time on this flyer. I ripped off most of those chicks and some of that food from a painter named MEL RAMOS. You can see all of them and more HERE.

This flyer is pretty good! Great lineup for a show too, even though HOMOSTUPIDS were a bit underwhelming. Gotta catch 'em on the right day I guess. I don't feel slighted though, that band rules.

A great day at Lucky Gator Loft! I wanna say that was the 2nd to last BUSY SIGNALS show in the states. CHEAP TIME were good, WAX MUSEUMS were great, we were... there.


Mike Popinski

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Gantry said...

I was at way too many of these shows, do I have no life or the best life ever?