Friday, March 27, 2009


This was my favorite book when i was a baby but i'm not certain it would be prudent for me to pay $10.00 to see this movie without the company of a child. i do NOT want to be lumped in with the other 20-somethings who are wearing thundercats and teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirts loudly discussing stupid 80's pop culture crap so that everyone around them knows how much they remember. I do not want to perpetuate the stereotype that my generation is rabidly horny for nostalgia, I fucking hate the 80's.

however, Spike Jonze is just about the perfect guy to direct this movie. Michel Gondry would probably have been the best choice but that wimp is french so who gives a shit. This movie also seems like it has a pretty solid cast, Cathrine Keener is hot. I feel like once women typically get to a certain age, a person typically backhands that compliment by adding "for their age" to the end of it, and I feel like that is not necessary when discussing Catherine Keeners hotness, so kudos on that Catherine!

Now, weirdo dorks who obsess about their childhoods and would still care about a movie made out of this book after growing from an infant to a full grown adult are the type of people who would be into Spike Jonze directing this movie (and, I'm with you there.) But, it's also true that these are the type of buttholes who would think it was TOTALLY AWESOME that they gave Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's the responsibility of scoring the thing. Really? Really? C'mon guys.... I'll probably see this movie, though.

-Mike Popinski

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